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My eight-year-old son’s personal, full-time research assistant? Yes, it’s true!

Published 25 days ago • 2 min read

Hi Coach,

This morning, like many Saturdays, I found myself up early with my son, Spencer.

While he got sucked into the worlds of Fortnite and Minecraft, I sat nearby, scribbling down thoughts and ideas that were rolling around in my head.

Here’s where my morning got interesting: Out of nowhere, Spencer casually mentioned to me that he’s been using ChatGPT at school.

...And he's just eight years old!

It made me pause and think about how quickly technology becomes a part of our daily lives—even in primary school!

It’s fascinating but also a bit of a wake-up call.

I know many talented coaches and consultants who are still hesitant to integrate tools like ChatGPT into their workflow. If an eight-year-old can find a purpose for AI, imagine the potential it could unlock for you in your professional life.

On a related note, I was chatting with my good friend Marcus Sheridan this week, and he asked me about my productivity since integrating AI tools.

Initially, I thought it might have tripled my output, but honestly, it's much more than that.

It's not just about getting more done—it's about getting it done faster and better. I estimate a 15 to 20 times increase in what I can accomplish in the same amount of time, which has dramatically improved the quality of my work!

He was blown away by how much progress I was able to make.

So, what exactly is it that I’m doing? Here are a few practical ways I use ChatGPT to move faster:

  1. Drafting emails: Handling low-stakes daily communications efficiently, letting ChatGPT craft responses for easy review and send-off.
  2. Analysing calls: Using ChatGPT to extract themes and insights from Zoom call transcripts to refine my insights and ideas.
  3. Creating compelling copy: Generating creative headlines and naming conventions that capture attention.
  4. Planning coaching sessions: Developing detailed lesson plans and deep discovery questions to enrich my coaching engagements.
  5. Enhancing sales proposals: Crafting tailored proposals and agreements from sales call transcripts.

These are just some examples of how viewing ChatGPT as an assistant and thinking partner can multiply your productivity and elevate the quality of your work.

I was recently considering hiring a full-time assistant to help manage my workload.

However, I’m doing a lot of this work while on the move, using the audio functionality to talk to ChatGPT just like I would delegate work to a real-life assistant.

So, I've decided to hold off until I've fully maximised the use of AI tools.

Here’s the thing: I’m probably using only 5% of AI tools' total capability right now!

What would your work and life look like if you had an assistant at your fingertips, whether you’re a solopreneur, a business owner, or an employee?

Imagine having a full-time assistant ready to work with you—how would that change how you work?

🗣️ 👀


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