🤬 When Leo lost it: A coaching crisis on the rugby field

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This Sunday, I witnessed an incident at a rugby match that provided profound insight into our roles as coaches.

A young player named Leo was overwhelmed by frustration due to his team’s performance, nearly escalating into a physical confrontation.

Watching his father intervene, I reflected on the type of energy we bring into our coaching sessions and its impact.

Leo’s emotional turmoil is a stark reminder of the fine line between negative and positive energy.

As coaches, our challenge is not just to manage our emotions but to consciously direct our energy in ways that foster progress and positive outcomes.

Here’s how we can apply this in our coaching:

  1. Recognise your emotional state: Be aware of your emotional triggers and the energy you bring into a session. Are you feeling frustrated, anxious, or overwhelmed? Acknowledging these feelings is the first step in managing them effectively.
  2. Channel positive energy: Awareness of your emotions is crucial, but the next step is transformation. Channel these emotions into positive energy that drives the session forward.
  3. Move the moment: Avoid getting stuck in debates or arguments. Keep the momentum of the session by staying curious and asking questions, which helps navigate challenging situations and encourages a continuous flow of ideas and solutions.

Leo, at 8 years old, naturally lets emotions steer his actions.

However, allowing negative emotions to dominate our sessions diminishes our authority and credibility as coaches.

It’s not about us; it’s about effectively guiding our clients.

Reflect on this:

  • Think about a recent session where you felt stuck, where friction seemed to generate negative energy. What happened?
  • How could the session have changed if you had consciously shifted the energy to move the situation forward?

It’s our job to master our emotions and create a productive atmosphere for our clients.

As you prepare for your next session, consider the energy you want to bring into the space and how it can best serve the purpose of the session.

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