⛷️ Two broken shoulders and a coaching breakthrough

Hi Coach :)

Two years ago, in the depths of winter, I was travelling overnight to the States for a series of gigs.

After a long flight, I landed exhausted and managed only a few hours of sleep at an airport hotel.

I planned to catch another early flight, but upon waking, groggy and disoriented in the middle of the night, I instinctively checked Life360 to see where my family was back in Europe.

To my shock, my mum's avatar was hovering over a hospital in Austria!

"What the hell is going on?" I thought.

Frantically, I texted my mum, stepdad, and wife, Cara.

The replies trickled in, unravelling the startling truth that my mum had suffered a severe skiing accident, breaking both her shoulders in a dramatic fall that necessitated a helicopter evacuation off the mountain.

They hadn't told me earlier, knowing I was in transit and there was little I could do from afar.

This moment, vivid and alarming as it was, marked the beginning of a long journey that taught me about resilience, the critical importance of support, and the transformative power of recovery.

Fast forward two years and the lessons from that time are still unfolding.

As my mum navigated her rehabilitation, she faced the challenge of finding the right PT—bringing us to a significant realisation about the nature of service and support.

"How will I know if it’s the right PT for me?" she asked me during one of our calls (BTW: I talk to my mum every day).

I responded with a principle that applies as much in physical therapy as it does in coaching:

"How curious was he about you and your specific situation?"

This wasn't just about finding someone with the right skills but someone who was genuinely interested in understanding and meeting her unique needs.

It's a great litmus test for any professional relationship.

The search highlighted several critical lessons for us as coaches:

  1. Lead with curiosity: True professionalism begins with a genuine curiosity about a client's unique challenges and goals.
  2. Beyond the sale: It's crucial not just to fill slots or push programs. The best outcomes arise from creating engagements that are deeply aligned with the client's real needs, avoiding the pitfalls of a mismatch that can lead to friction and dissatisfaction.
  3. Show, don’t tell: From the first interaction, how we engage sets the tone for their coaching journey. It should not feel like a transition from selling to coaching but rather a consistent, supportive relationship from start to finish.

Reflect on this:

  • How do you gauge the right fit with your clients?
  • Are you prepared to let clients go, knowing they are not the right fit?
  • How do you ensure that your engagements are client-centred from the outset?

Sometimes, the most profound professional insights come from the most personal places 🙏🏻

🗣️ 👀


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