Trust and let go: Lessons in coaching from a day at Clip 'n Climb

Hey Coach,

A recent experience with my daughter, Luna-Rose, at a Clip ‘n Climb session offered a powerful reminder directly related to our coaching roles.

Watching Luna-Rose, who is just 6 years old, tackle the climbing walls was a test of patience and trust.

She struggled at times, and it was uncomfortable to watch.

Like any parent or coach, my instinct was to jump in and make things easier for her.

My mother, watching alongside me, couldn’t bear it and declared, “That’s it, I’m going in to help her.”

I stopped her with a reminder that echoes through our coaching practices:

“No, let her struggle. Let her figure it out. She’s far more capable than you think.”

This moment clarified three key principles we should carry into our coaching:

  1. Don’t Save Them: When we rush to save our clients from every hardship, we deprive them of the opportunity to develop resilience and resourcefulness.
  2. Don’t Make It About You: It’s natural to feel uncomfortable watching someone struggle, but stepping in often serves our need to feel helpful rather than the client’s need to learn and grow.
  3. Trust Their Capability: Just like with Luna-Rose, our clients are often more capable than we, or even they, initially believe.

As coaches, we must resist the urge to take control of the situation.

Instead, let’s provide the guidance and support that empowers our clients to tackle their challenges head-on.

This approach not only builds their confidence but also their ability to navigate future obstacles independently.


  • Recall when you felt the urge to ‘rescue’ a client. What would have been different if you had stepped back?
  • How can you adjust your coaching style to foster more independence and confidence in your clients?

Mastering letting go is about trusting the process and our clients’ inherent capabilities.

It’s about being a guide, not a saviour.

🗣️ 👀


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