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🧭 How to walk into any room and feel like you belong there

Published 24 days ago • 1 min read

Hi Coach,

I’m currently in Amsterdam, preparing to speak at an event for the next couple of days.

This morning, I decided to hit the hotel gym.

Now, as someone who’s 42 years old and never really enjoyed gyms—especially spaces dominated by men—I’ve always felt a bit out of place.

I’ve never been great with confrontational situations, and I’m pretty introverted.

As an introvert, I love spending time with specific people for long periods, but when I’m in public places like gyms or travelling alone, I prefer to be left alone.

It’s not that I’m rude; I value my own space.

Walking into the gym today, even though it wasn’t busy, with just three or four people, I felt an unusual surge of confidence.

I realised there’s nothing like walking into a room and feeling like you belong there.

Despite the unfamiliar environment, I knew exactly what I was doing, and I felt like I belonged.

This mindset extends beyond the gym. As I prepare for my talk here in Amsterdam, I’m thinking about every detail—starting, finishing, the stories I want to tell.

Even though I’m in a different country, in a room full of strangers, I have to channel that same sense of belonging. I tell myself, “I belong here. This room is mine. I’m going to own this.”

There’s a significant lesson in this for all of us.

Whether it’s walking into a gym, stepping onto a stage, or entering any unfamiliar space, the mindset of belonging can transform our experience.

It’s about convincing yourself that you have every right to be there, to take up space, and to make your presence known.

For introverts like me, this can be particularly challenging.

Our natural inclination is to retreat into our own world to avoid crowded or confrontational spaces.

But learning to embrace a sense of belonging, even in these uncomfortable environments, can be incredibly empowering.

Here’s a challenge: Next time you find yourself in an unfamiliar or intimidating space, adopt this mindset.

Remind yourself that you belong there and that you have something valuable to contribute.

How do you channel confidence in unfamiliar environments?



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Hi, Coach...

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